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Kleren Maken de ‘Man’

In this lecture I talk about how drag artists ignore the arbitrary rules around gender and clothing. Such artists invite us to reflect on why we as a society react so strongly to people who wear clothing that 'belongs' to an opposite gender role. Lecture, Studium Generale Leiden

Couperus en non-binaire genderidentiteiten

Symposium: Een middag rondom Louis Couperus (Forum Groningen, 2 december 2023).

Queer personages in het werk van Louis Couperus

Symposium: Van en over Louis Couperus (De Roode Bioscoop, 29 november 2023).

Diversiteit aan Beide Kanten: Inclusieve Pedagogie voor Studenten en Docenten

During the annual education conference of the Leiden University Medical Center, I spoke about putting both students and teachers at the center of developing inclusive education policy. It is important to make education more accessible to an increasingly diverse group of students, but educators must also be offered the tools to adequately adapt their education. Lecture, LUMC Education Conference

Couperus Genderrebellie: Toen en Nu

(Louis Couperusmuseum, 22 oktober 2023)

Louis Couperus: 100 jaar seksuele en genderrebellie (Lezing, IHLIA, 24 mei 2023)

During the 100th anniversary of Louis Couperus's death, I reflect on how his writing about gender and sexuality was not only contrary to the times in which he lived, but can still be read as rebellious. Especially when we read his work based on new insights within gender studies.

A Celebration of the Life and Work of James Purdy

During the official presentation of the biography of James Purdy, written by Michael Snyder, I spoke about the special bond that James Purdy had with the Netherlands. Through his friendship with Johan Polak, he played an important role in the history of Dutch gay literature. Lecture and panel discussion, Greenlight Bookstore

“Eene mengeling van verschillende lust”: De stille kracht vanuit queer perspectief

Louis Couperus’ roman De stille kracht wordt vaak gelezen als anti-koloniaal en als tegendraads op het gebied van seksuele normen. In deze lezing leg ik deze interpretaties naast elkaar, en betoog ik dat die niet zomaar samengaan. Ondanks dat ze een gezamenlijke vijand vinden in de witte, koloniale man, zijn de vrijgevochten vrouw en het koloniale subject niet automatisch elkaars bondgenoten. Lezing, Indische Letteren

“And Now, I’m Not Me”: Melodrama and Politics in James Purdy’s Plays,

Symposium: American Theatre Weekend (The New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre, Sint Petersburg 4 december 2021).

Louis Couperus en het contemporaine genderonderzoek,

The Louis Couperus Society's society day in 2021 was about gender. There I was able to speak about the way in which his work continues to resonate today when we read it from contemporary insights from gender research. Lecture, Louis Couperus Society Day

Radicale negativiteit: Sinthomosexuality en de doodsdrift in Mystiek Lichaam,

Symposium Frans Kellendonk en de andersheid (Universiteit Leiden, 18 juni 2015)

Parabasis without the Polis: Response to Gregory Jusdanis

Workshop: Why Literature? Parabasis, Friendship, Empathy and the Future of Literary Studies (Universiteit Leiden, April 2015)

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The Unknown Nephew

James Purdy Symposium, University of Northampton, Northampton, United Kingdom, March 2019.

On the Narrative Construction of Villains

Villains! Constructing Narratives of Evil, Justus-Liebig University, Giessen, Germany, February 2019.

Died on the Fourth of July: Familial and National Identity in Children Is All

28th Annual ALA Concerence 2017, Westin Copley Place, Boston MA, United States, May 2017.

Illegible Desires: James Purdy’s Resistance to Sexual Identity

European Summer School for Cultural Studies, Amsterdam University and Leiden University, Amsterdam and Leiden, Netherlands, June 2016.

Perverted by Literature: Rethinking the Taboo on Incest in the Writing of James Purdy

Summer School for Sexualities, Cultures and Politics, Singidunum University, Belgrade, Serbia, August 2015.

Perverted by Literature: Rethinking the Taboo on Incest in the Writing of James Purdy

26th Annual ALA Conference 2015, Westin Copley Place, Boston MA, United States, May 2015.

Stepping out of Time: Performing Queer Temporality, Memory and Relationality in ‘Timelining’

LUCAS Graduate Conference, Leiden University, Leiden, Netherlands, January 2015.

Savage Embraces: Physical Violence and Queer Sovereignty in the Writing of James Purdy

Legal Bodies: Rethinking Personhood in Law, the Arts and Literature, Leiden University, Leiden, Netherlands, May 2014.

Savage Embraces: Physical Violence and Queer Sovereignty in the Writing of James Purdy

Annual ACLA 2014 Conference, NYU, New York NY, United States, March 2014.

Organizing Cultuur?Barbaar! – Some Problems of Creating Concepts in Art

Events in Political and Artistic Practice, Amsterdam University, Amsterdam, Netherlands, March 2013.

Doubtful Testimonies: Productive Doubt and the Construction of Identity in Naguib Mahfouz’ Akhenaten

NICA Winter School: Doubt, Leiden University, Leiden, Netherlands, January 2012.

Retrieving History’s Lost Object: the Re-enactment of the Event in Tony Kushner’s Angels in America

NICA Summer School: Lost Objects, Amsterdam University, Amsterdam, Netherlands, June 2011.

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10 Years Diversity Officer - Milestones and Challenges

D&I Symposium, Untold Stories: Representation, Heritage and Museums

Feminist Publication Cultures

25th Anniversary symposium of the Centre for Gender and Diversity

Pride Unprejudiced: Expressing Queerness in University

Amnesty International Student Group The Hague

Future Visions on Women’s Rights and Intersectionality

Exhibition: Testimonies of Change, Grey Space in the Middle

Deaf and Queer

Screening: Ginger & Honey Milk, CinemAsia (Amsterdam, 8 March 2023).

Sheltering Academics: A Conversation with Refugee Students and Scholar Activists

D&I Symposium, (Leiden University, 19 January 2023)

New Suns

Exhibition: Everything New Under the Sun, Grey Space in the Middle (Den Haag, 1 september 2022).